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Booking Reguest Forms

Fill out the form below and your assigned agent will contact you quickly to see how Tuaron Management can best serve you.


This non-obligatory and confidential form was created for our booking agents to get a clear understanding of who you would like to book as well as your proposed date, budget and venue. 

Tuaron Management will not give out direct artist, model, talent or celebrity contacts.

Artists, models, talents and celebrities do not donate their time and always will charge a fee to do any event, project, venue or celebrity appearance. Artists, models, talents and celebrities will always need the detailed information we ask for on this request form.

  • Have several date options to give Tuaron Management to choose from and also to help Tuaron route the event for them to help you on pricing.

  • Supplying private jet transportation can often help confirm the major names who cannot fly domestically to your event.

  • Having strong and secure financing in sponsorship or corporate underwriting to help support the event.

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